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Bae’s Butters Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter


Not your average Pumpkin Seed Butter. With a flavor so unique and color so funky it’s like an edible dance performance. Why are pumpkin seeds green? Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll alkalizes and detoxes the body, and pumpkin seeds have more of it than any other nut or seed. They’re also an excellent source of manganesephosphoruscopper, and zinc. Naturally antimicrobial pumpkin seeds are a good source of iron and protein, including the brain-boosting essential amino acid tryptophan. Plus, they contain a diversity of antioxidants not found in most foods, including disease-fighting polyphenols, hormone-balancing lignans, and vitamin E.

Add to smoothies, drizzle on your favorite pancakes, yogurt, or desserts, bread, fruit, your favorite bread, or enjoy by the spoonful-however you like. Eat clean and snack often.

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1.5oz, 8oz

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